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Have you ever thought there must be a formula for success? There’s been endless books written on the subject of success and how to go about getting it. The good thing is there isn’t only one way to do it. The bad thing is, you have to find the way that works for you. I love to read so I don’t have a problem reading different takes on how to achieve success. I did figure something out though and that’s the common denominator in all the paths to success. This is something I’ve learned over the years in business and competitive athletics. Here’s what it comes down to, and I put this in equation form because it’s precisely this equation we need to solve on the road to success.


This stands for: Desire + Action - Excuses x Competition = RESULTS

So let’s break it down..

DESIRE: Desire is where it all begins right? If you don’t have a desire or dream to do something it doesn’t happen. Desire is the dream or idea that was born in your mind. It’s a product or service that the market could benefit from. It can be world changing in its effect. Your Desire is to bring it to the world so people can benefit from it right? You think about it constantly. Maybe you’re in a job that isn’t very fulfilling and this desire gets you stoked every time you think about it. You find yourself longing to make a change to get this desire to become a reality. But desire really, is just a dream, and without the next step it remains just that.

ACTION: This is your dream launching platform. If you’re unwilling to take action your dream will just sit on that platform and never take off. Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction. I speak with a lot of people regarding their businesses. They share tremendous ideas of what they see for the future. I love the big goals and ideas but what I see even more is the lack of action to attain those goals and ideas. There’s no dedication to taking the needed action to move toward that idea. There are many excuses, believe me. “The time’s not right, I don’t have the money, my wife doesn’t support me in this.” You can’t wait until things are perfect, just get started and adapt on the way.

It’s like the law of inertia: A body in motion stays in motion. You need to keep moving. Making mistakes is also movement and you’ll learn the most from those mistakes. Taking action will alleviate anxiety. Anxiety is caused by the failure to make a decision. Taking action is a decision, it’s commitment. As you move forward things will be drawn to you. Your creativity will be awakened and amazing things will happen. Your fire will keep burning strong. If you fail to take action that desire will become a faded dream of the past. It will be your, should of, would of, could of, story you share with other non action takers. This point leads me to the next part of the equation...

EXCUSES: These are the dream killers, the growth limiters and the quitters respite. The only thing worse than losing is quitting. There’s no shortage of excuses in the graveyard of dreams never realized. You must 100% absolutely not accept any excuses for not reaching your goal. Excuses cannot be tolerated in your business on any level. Excuses are for those who can’t solve a problem. Remember I said this is an equation that must be solved? Excuses are simply problems that weren’t solved. Nobody wants to hear why you can’t do something.

Do your customers want excuses why you didn’t finish the job or deliver the product? Have you ever been around a person who always comes through for you no matter what? That person who always seems to have the solution for the task at hand? Are you not drawn to this person and enjoy their company? You do because you know you never have to hear an excuse from them. An excuse is a veiled complaint, a sign of laziness and a quitters attitude. If you accept no excuses from yourself you’ll only have one outcome and that’s success. ‘Minus Excuses’ is a very important part of this equation that if left out there will be no results.

COMPETITION: This is something many people consider a negative in today's society but you cannot. Competition is what drives people on all levels. Do not underestimate the power of competition, especially in your business. In business you don’t get a participation trophy. You either win or you are out of the game. Competition can be used for fuel in your fire to achieve your goals. Challenging yourself to be better is competition. Setting up goals for your teams and employees with rewards based outcomes is competition. Selling the most product in your marketspace is competition. Being first to market with your new idea or service is competition. Let’s face it, no one wants to lose. We all keep score one way or another. No one remembers the silver medalist in the olympics.

Competition will keep you sharp and accountable. Winning feels great. Everytime you solve a new problem or overcome a hurdle standing in your way, you win. Guess who wants to be around winners? Everybody!

Find ways to implement competition to move your business forward. Competition will keep all parts of your business engaged and moving towards the same goal.

RESULTS: This is what happens when you solve the equation. When you apply everything above, you start seeing amazing results for your business. We all want results; increased profit, smooth operations, raving fans and freedom for ourselves, but if we don’t follow this equation we are going to run into roadblocks that will stop us dead in our tracks. You get paid for results do you not? A new product or service being brought to market is a result that will pay you handsomely. Results are your gold medals. Who doesn’t want a trophy case full of gold medals?

Use this equation to measure your business and how you go about getting results. Are you following this or is there one of these elements that may be hindering your progress?


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