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Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

Let's Reclaim Your Edge

Honing Entrepreneurial Warriors on
the battlefield of business 

“The old ways of doing business will never give you the satisfaction you desire”

 You got into business to make a difference, not just make money.

Being chained to your business with the day to day tasks, or worse yet,

having bought into the hustle and grind mentality is an endless hamster

wheel based on motion and not progress.

You can't just "work harder" and gain success.

  “A rocking horse stays in motion but does not make any Progress”

Within these four areas of potential are the 12 areas that make up every business. These include everything from Leadership and Finance to Systems and Marketing. At Sharpen the Spear we can measure and determine exactly how your business ranks in these areas right now. From there we develop the tactics and strategy to make your business fully Battle Ready to dominate your marketspace and that's where your true freedom and impact comes from.

Sharpen the Spear’s expertise lies in combining both the strategic and the tactical. What that means is we’re able to deliver immediate, problem solving results (tactical), along with strategic, long term implementation of systemization and scalability. 


One of the greatest tools you can use in building a successful business is Time Compression.

Imagine if you could save ten years of hard lessons, costly mistakes and financial hardship in the building process. With over 30 years of building and running businesses and a decade of coaching entrepreneurs, that translates into massive Time Compression when you work with Sharpen the Spear.


Business is a battlefield. Being a captive in the day to day operations of our business strips us of our ability to be the warrior leading our business where it needs to go. Sharpen the Spear Coaching will help you reclaim your edge and assume your rightful place leading your company to marketplace victory.

If you want more details on our business coaching program You can click the book a call button below or send us an email from the contact page.

Warriors on the battlefield of business need specific training in four areas of potential…


The ability to earn money


The business runs itself


Long term planning/strategic goal setting


Managed ability to expand to capacity


An expert in combining both the strategic and the tactical.

Richard is a 30-year seasoned entrepreneur. He’s the best-selling author of Escape the Owner Prison, the contractor's new way to scale, regain control, and fast-track growth while loving life. A speaker and podcast host, he’s a husband and father of six children, a US Marine, champion boxer, black belt, and an internationally recognized steel sculptor. 

His expertise lies in combining both the strategic and the tactical. He's able to deliver immediate, problem solving results (tactical), along with strategic, long term implementation of systemization and scalability. With over 30 years in business himself, Richard has embraced time compression, sharing the secrets and strategies that bring rapid and lasting results to the companies he works with.

Richard Walsh

CEO Sharpen the Spear Coaching, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

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Kristopher King, SC

My kitchen and bath remodeling business was doing 12 jobs at any one given time generating 2 million dollars a year in revenue. The problem was I wasn’t making money and I had zero time for my wife and five children. The debt was mounting and the stress was debilitating. I was ready to just go back to work for someone else and put it all behind me. That’s when I connected with Richard and Sharpen the Spear Coaching. He immediately began addressing my biggest issues showing me the strategy to dig myself out of the hole I created. In less than six months we had altered the entire game plan. I was now bidding jobs correctly to realize real profit and saying no to jobs that did not fit my ideal customer profile and niche. By the end of a year my cash flow was in order and our average job price had nearly tripled. I even raised my credit score by 100 points! I’m working with amazing clients and have been able to take multiple vacations with my entire family. I’m also attracting the right people to work with me and they’re bringing tremendous value to my company. This year we are on track for 3 million in revenue and doing less than half the work I used to do. This is truly a life I thought I could never have in the construction industry. No matter where you are in your business right now, you need Sharpen the Spear Coaching. It’s been the best investment I have ever made! Kristopher King Modern Image kitchen and bath - SC.

Chad Thomas, IN

I started a custom woodworking business 8 years ago specializing in bathroom vanities. A year and a half ago we had maxed out our 2000 square foot shop I had built at home and needed to expand. I quite honestly didn’t know anything about business. We were just blessed by God and work kept coming in. I knew in order to grow I would need some professional help. At this same time I began working with Richard and Sharpen the Spear Coaching. We laid out a growth plan, found the right building, and expanded to four times my current size. The hurdles and uphill climbs throughout the entire process was incredibly difficult. We got through it together, solving immediate problems and developing strategy to sustain and grow the business. I’m finally, after 8 years, off the saws and spending my time working ON my business instead of being stuck IN it every day. There’s more to do as with any business, but I’ve been able to take two vacations this year with my wife and two children which is something we haven’t been able to do for the last 8 years. God continues to bring me the right people and customers along with the joy of doing what I love to do. I could have never done this without the help from STS. Even asking a simple question over Voxer and getting a rapid answer literally would change my day and prevent catastrophic mistakes. The best part is they teach you how to do something, not just do it for you which is tremendous for building your confidence as a business owner. As Richard says “Outside eyes are of indisputable value” and that’s what Sharpen the Spear Coaching is…Indisputable value! Chad Thomas Limitless Woodworking - IN.

Craig Lenard, TX

Our family has been building custom homes in the hill country of Texas for over 40 years. I stepped in four years ago from my teaching job to carry on the family business as my father prepared to retire. I had a lot to learn and the first two years I learned a lot. I also came to realize there was a lot more to learn and I wasn’t going to be able to do that on my own.  As in so many businesses that have been around for a long time we get comfortable doing things the way we’ve always done them. For me this way was riddled with chaos and lack of structure. There were constant problems and clients that needed to be taken care of. I knew there had to be a better way to serve our clients without having to be available 24/7. After I hired Richard, not only did I learn new and better things I began to regain my time, which to me is the most precious thing, as my wife and I raise our young children. Not only did we begin to systemize the entire business, we fine tuned our estimating and sales process which has made assisting our clients to build their dream homes a world class experience. It’s also given me the opportunity to acquire an additional business in a related field. That is something I never thought I would have the time or knowledge to do.  I’m so thankful that Sharpen the Spear has taught me how to systemize and develop strategy in my business. I’m now able to look at undervalued, struggling businesses I’m interested in purchasing, see what they lack, and know that I can confidently instill these systems and principles in a short amount of time to create profitability. It’s been a fantastic relationship over the last few years with Richard and Sharpen the Spear Coaching. I now consider Richard as part of my inner circle and the value and wisdom he shares means the world to me. Craig Lenard             Art Lenard and Sons - Finely crafted homes - TX.

Esta Ryder, OH

When I hired Richard and Shapen the Spear Coaching, I was apprehensive to say the least.  Scroll down through your social media account and everyone thinks that they are a paid coach.  Yet most of them shouldn't be.  When we scheduled our first meeting over the phone, I liked what he said and could tell that he had actually built a business- something most of these coaches haven't done.  But I still told him no.  A few weeks later, I changed my mind.  And I'm glad I did. Richard and STS are definitely qualified to call themselves  a "business coach."  They have actually built businesses.  They’re very helpful. They find out what you need so that your time and money are spent helping you where you need it.  They truly care about you succeeding.  Sharpen the Spear is the real deal.  If you are thinking about coaching, you should contact them.  Even if you aren't thinking about having a business coach, you should contact them.  It might be the best business decision that you make! Esta Ryder.  - Ryder Realty - OH.

Cody Goins, IL

I started my business in 2017 and we had a lot of success quickly. I went from praying for the right customers and delivering the most value to them so we could grow, to praying “God give me a break from all of this, I can’t handle it.” Year 2-3 I doubled then year 3-4 doubled again. Needless to say, I worked a lot of hours. I’d begin work at 2:00am because there was so much on my to-do list. My only answer was to work more and work harder. My marriage was suffering. You couldn’t see that from the outside but I knew I wasn’t giving my wife the time she deserved. Year three was so demanding I would get to work at 2:00am and just cry and beg God to bring me the help I needed to take the pressure off of me. I lost friends and destroyed relationships because honestly, I had no idea how to run a business. I was drinking 5 to 6 energy drinks each day just to keep going and I knew this was not good. I loved the concept of systemizing my whole business and when I tried to implement it I just couldn’t get it right. I’m a perfectionist so that held me back too. After a year of trying to systemize I was in the same place, I just couldn’t do it. I had reached the point where I was just going to sell the business, even though I knew the “wrong people” were going to buy it. I started this business to be a Christian owned and Kingdom serving business. This is when I met Richard and he showed me how they do an assessment for every area of my business so I could understand exactly where I’m at right now and create a plan or roadmap to fix it. It was exactly like what I do for plants in my business so It really clicked with me. I brought Richard on to systemize my business correctly and within six months I had been able to get down to an 8 hour work day. I could go on a three day work trip and never get a call from the office whereas before my phone would ring constantly. I’m now excited to own a business and am looking to start other businesses. I’m actually able to put my family first and have a business that is succeeding and growing. It’s exciting to look to the future and after a year and a half with Richard and Sharpen the Spear coaching things just continue to get brighter and bigger! I can’t do justice in words to what this program has done for me. I’m so glad God answered my prayer this way and didn’t just send me a good manager or good employees, but instead gave me a permanent fix that can last for decades. Cody Goins ROI Biologicals, IL.

Andrew Dixon, SC

In 2010 I found myself losing a job because of standing firm on business ethics, this hit hard after 2 years of losing employment in another position due to the downturn of the economy in 2008.  Having a growing family to provide for I took the “fake it” till you “make it” route and jumped into the entrepreneur world.  I did just about anything to make a dollar from cleaning offices, cutting down trees, building fences, to moving furniture and trying to flip things online. Finally focusing all our energy into pest control, thinking I was finally going to make some headway, but to no avail. We still went through one poor business decision after another. Hiring helpers not employees or buying better work vehicles, trying to market and advertise not knowing the difference between them.  All this while being a follower of Christ, exploring the meaning of my life. All the time blood sweat and tears were starting to add up and  burn us out.  I was open to some new vision. We came upon Richard and Sharpen the Spear and saw the mission… seeing the purpose.. seeing the hope…that I could bring to the marketplace. I finally got a different perspective! I quickly signed up for coaching services. It was a big investment for my wife and I but it made sense. We wanted to let God know that we were willing to let go of cash to invest into the business and others lives.   After just 3 months ..I finally got some time for mind space!! The system's help and guidance by the coaching team is on point, not only do I have someone in my corner emotionally but these coaches give me insight and understanding that I’ve never experienced.. and trust me I’ve read all the books. We are seeing the fruit and beginning to expand the business. I’ve been blessed to find some great talent. I see the time and effort invested being multiplied greatly! If you are a Believer and know there’s more in business, then I would definitely check out Sharpen the Spear Coaching and see the results!!            Andrew Dixon - Dixon Pest Solutions - SC.


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